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Nike Dunks Jamie Oliver Bids Farewell To Rotherham

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During the Second World War, the government established the Ministry of Food to help people cope with food rationing. It passed on tips and savings, and sent teams of ladies into homes and workplaces to demonstrate cooking methods. So far Jamie Oliver and his team of volunteers have done all those things to help get the town of Rotherham off the junk food and back into the kitchen. The plan has succeeded on a small scale, but now Jamie needs to get the message through to the whole population if he hopes to set up similar projects in towns across Britain.
The last big push for the project is the Ministry of Food Festival, which will hopefully demonstrate to the local council it will be worth stumping up £250 Nike Air Rift Women Outlet,000 per year to keep the town centre HQ running. And representatives from other councils will also be attending, to see if the programme is worth setting up in their cities. Of course things do not go smoothly (alas poor Jamie – do they ever?) – the venue has to be changed at the last minute because the original site is water-logged and everyone has to pitch in and make sure people know the new location.
So after six months in Rotherham it’s time for Jamie to move on. If nothing else he has certainly raised awareness of healthy eating Nike Air Max 2011 Mens, and gotten thousands of people cooking. What will happen after the cameras leave is debatable, but if Pass It On does spread through the whole of Britain then, like his School Dinners campaign Nike Dunks, he should be proud he at least tried to tackle an issue nobody else did. As he says at the end “People think that their single effort can’t make a difference. Yes it can! If we all start doing something then the government will just do what they are told … they don’t run us, we run the government.”
How Many People Know Their Neighbours?
Still determined not to give up at the grass roots level, Jamie turns to another idea from the original Ministry of Food – the street party. All the neighbours would come together to watch the women passing on tips and recipes, and enjoy a good social gathering at the same time. As ever, Jamie’s nemesis Julie Critchlow, who disagreed with his whole School Dinners project, and is now the prevailing voice of doom of this series, feels the idea is a non-starter. “People haven’t got time. You haven’t got neighbours like you used to have, who used to look after one another’s kids, and mums didn’t have to go out to work … It’s not like a close-knit community any more.” Can the team knock on the doors of complete strangers and ask them not only to participate, but stump up money for the cooking ingredients?
Five months into the Pass It On campaign, and Jamie’s team of volunteer cooks has come a very long way since they first picked up a frying pan in Episode 1. From passing on a single recipe to a few friends to cooking demonstrations in local workplaces, the group has grown in confidence. And their Pass It On demonstrations have grown larger and larger; from 100 men at Rotherham football ground in Episode 2, to 1000 local workers in Episode 3. But despite their best efforts, and those of the 30 volunteers at the Ministry of Food headquarters in the town centre, there are still people in Rotherham who have never even heard of the campaign.
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