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Air Max 2011 Shoes Survivor Nicaragua Episode 4 -

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NaOnka the bully
Over at Club Kids (La Flor), NaOnka and Brenda were still on the hunt for the hidden immunity idol. With Brenda's help, NaOnka managed to find the idol, and quickly stuffed it down her sock, or are those Fabio's socks? Brenda didn't put up a fight here [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], she seemed quite happy for NaOnka to take possession of the idol, perhaps a smart move, because holding any form of a power in this game can put a huge target on your back.
Nasty Nicaragua
Coach Jimmy Johnson is gone, and the OAP tribe (Espada) are interviewing for a new leadership position. Jimmy T's approach to the interviewing process was certainly unique, it involved individually hugging each member of the tribe, rather awkwardly I might add, and singing Tom Petty and the Heartbreaker’s “American Girl”, although his rendition sounded more Tom Waits than Tom Petty.
NaOnka is not a smart player, after finding the idol she said that it finally hit her that a million dollars is on the line. Did she only just realise? Because its too late, she's already blown her chances of ever receiving a jury vote, and she continues to blow it by mouthing off at people whenever she gets the chance. She must have gone to the Russell Hantz school of Survivor, forget the social game, play to make it to the end, but don't play to win.
Jimmy T believes he has natural leadership qualities, unfortunately that belief is misguided. Jimmy may have thought he was doing well [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], amongst the sideways looks and eye-rolls of his fellow tribemates [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but the truth was, he was only helping to push them further away. "Just give him a little bit of rope, that's all he needs, and he'll hang himself from the nearest branch," that was Marty's thinking regarding Jimmy T.
With the idol safely tucked away, NaOnka stepped it up a gear, and became even more of a bitch than she had previously been. She stalked Alina and Kelly B all the way to tree-mail, and then proceeded to tell Kelly how much she didn't like her, and seemed to relish the fact that she shoved her over and took the idol clue. It made no sense, NaOnka is purposely being nasty to Kelly B for no reason whatsoever, unless she has a problem with Kelly's false-leg, which she threatened to throw in the fire!
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Survivor Nicaragaua: Episode 2 - Summary
Survivor Nicaragua: Episode 3
I hadn't really noticed until this episode, but Nicaragua is not a very nice location, and this was highlighted with the floods of dirty water rushing in from the ocean. Debris, mud, and dirt covered what was left of the beach, and it just looked like a horrible place to be.
The food situation is dire, and the OAPs are definitely feeling it. Jane even considered cooking Dan's sneakers, which would be very unfair, the guy is running low on foot-wear as it is. Meanwhile, Jimmy T was taking fishing advice from a pelican, however the pelican was much more successful making a catch than he was.

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