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eh hardy - you could make your own way

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Motorcycling In Spain | A Automotive Article
Spain has so many fantastic motorcycle routes that it really is a problem deciding where to go. The country is vast and huge tracts are almost deserted,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but most of the roads are fabulous, especially for motorcycling. This is the most mountainous country in Europe, and offers some of the best scenery you could wish for. It also boasts the best climate too, although the difference between the north and south can be quite marked.
Before you jump on your bike and head for the ferry terminal, there are a few things you should consider. Now this may sound stupid but, is your bike in tip-top condition? It's surprising how many people go on tour without having had their motorbike checked over. Beside the routine maintenance of checking brakes, tyres and lights, it may be a good idea to have the bike serviced before you set out. Having done all that,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], taking out an insurance plan that covers you and your vehicle for the duration of the trip adds security.
We've already mentioned the mountains and the climate, but it's worth remembering that mountainous regions can be quite changeable weather-wise, so you're going to need a good selection of clothing to cover all possibilities. This is where a tour back-up vehicle earns its corn. You can place everything you don't immediately need, in the back-up vehicle, which leaves you free to enjoy the road without straining to see over the top of a well stacked tank bag. It can be pretty hot in July and August in Spain, so once again the back-up vehicle comes to the rescue with water or soft drinks. I once went on a tour that provided tea and coffee courtesy of a camping cooker; very nice.
Of course, you could make your own way, and many people do successfully, but unless you've been to the hotels you're going to stay in, you're taking a bit of a chance. If you go with an organised group, your tour operator will have vetted the hotels, and to be honest, by the time the tour company has negotiated with the hotels for group booking discounts, you're not really going to save a lot by going it alone. The best thing by far about going with a group is the lifelong friendships that are born during the tour, and that is priceless.
So, where to go? If you don't like the heat, I would stay away from Andalusia during July and August, but any other time of year it's an absolute treat,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but it's quite a way from the ferry ports in Northern Spain, so allow enough time for the journey. Bear in mind that Spain is a big country, and you may have to cover long distances each day. Be sure that you are up to this before you commit yourself. The North-West of Spain is green and lush, which is an indication as to the weather; put simply, green equals rain, so be prepared. On the other hand, Almeria in the South-East boasts the only true desert in Europe. I once rode through this place in June and it was as if some-one had turned a hair-dryer on me.
Another think to look out for is the Spanish driver. Although the Spanish are generally decent and friendly people, some of them they tend to be a bit wild when they climb in behind the steering wheel of a car. If you keep on your toes, there won't be a problem, but it's no good waving yours arms and gesticulating,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], it's all grist to the mill for them. They may sound their horn at you, but without malice as is often the case in other countries.
Speed cameras are used in Spain, but at nowhere near the same level as is Britain, but if you are caught speeding by the Guardia Civil, you will be fined and often quite heavily. The speed limit on most single carriageway roads is 100 Kph, but at road junctions this decreases to 60 Kph, which catches out many foreign motorists, and these are the places that the police tend to place their traps, so be warned.
Whether you go it alone or join an organised trip, drive carefully, make sure you've got the right gear, don't forget to drive on the right and have a great time. One bitten, you'll find it hard to stay away.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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