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jordan 11 xi Are You Focusing ashore SUCCESS alter

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PostWysłany: Śro 11:01, 20 Kwi 2011    Temat postu: jordan 11 xi Are You Focusing ashore SUCCESS alter

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

As I travel around the World speaking with human, this is the digit one question I'm queried. Yes I did say around the world!! I have had the Opportunity this year to visit some of the most prodigious areas and talk with some of the most amazing people. Just last week I was in Brazil on commerce counseling one of my Platinum Students, and when taking the opportunity to relax and commemorate, on the Copacabana Beach, I was speaking with a developer. Our conversation focused on the state of the greenback and entire the causes why we are in trouble. Now I'm not saying the greenback is no looking bad [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], I am asking, how tin we focus on using this condition to our Benefit? (Success)
Since our subject is Real Estate, let's focus on the "Success Factor" that exists now deserving to the current conditions. Banks are emendated with non performing assets (houses)! On the front sheet of The Atlanta Journal Constitution on Oct. 16, 2007 "$1,076,975,783" was the aggregate estimated worth of properties immediately entering foreclosure in metro Atlanta? How numerous extra houses can they continue to take back ahead they accept your offers on your Short Sales? How long will they allow their REO to stay on the mart ahead they adopt your attempt by YOUR PRICE?
Focus is a key factor needed to Program you for SUCCESS alternatively Failure! There is a saying "What you focus on expands" and what I take that to average is that whether you look at all the dooms day reports then that is all you can watch in YOUR hereafter. DOOM = Failure!
Mr. Tycoon chooses to focus on the OPPURTUNTIES that appear from these conditions. I focus on how my Team and I can choose the Short Sales that encounter our criteria for Success before we even attempt to negotiate with the lenders. We see our selves Successful!
We are shifting our focus and agreeable more lively with REO's due to the amplify of properties that have failed to sell on the courthouse treads.
Ask yourself this answer? What Plans are you focusing aboard? If your response is, you don't have a Plan to capitalize on these present conditions, could namely be portion of the problem? Failure apt Plan is Planning apt Fail. So you need to converge on your Plan instead of what the medium says you should converge on.
Some key ingredients to achieving your Success are: Starting with a well-researched and clearly defined Plan. That manner detailed, deliverable, realistic goals, timelines for completion, and accountability.
In my humble opinion it will require you to extend yourself beyond your solace zone, to make an effort, to take action! As with anything worthwhile, you will have some coarse periods although the results will make it all worth while. "No Pain / No Gain"! Remember to keep it FUN! Fun, Excitement and Expectation are what are needed in tough times.
As we reach this New Year, I fair wanted to vibrate you up and out of all the negative vigor that is in the climate about our Money Source!
The American Dream is to own a HOME! Keep your eyes on the Prize detect them; flip them; forget them! But don't forget, determine to have Fun!!!!
Wahid "Mr. Tycoon" Shakur is a Master Real Estate Investor and Chairman of Tycoon Investments Plus, a Multi-faceted Real Estate Investment Company situated in Atlanta, Georgia. To learn more about or for information on Mr. Tycoon's new book [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], "Success Is Not A Secret, It's A System," please visit or

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