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Retailers - What You Need to Know When Visiting a

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PostWysłany: Śro 2:37, 23 Mar 2011    Temat postu: Retailers - What You Need to Know When Visiting a

Firstly, the exhibitors have spent a lot of money and time to make their stands look as good as possible for your convenience. So take your time and feel comfortable browsing on them.
It can be a bit daunting approaching some stands. You know the exhibitors will approach you, and you're not sure you want to be approached until you've ascertained whether the stock is interesting enough for an order? It's best to have a comment prepared to buy yourself whatever time you need.
Something like,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], I do have a shop, I'm interested in XY & Z, I'll have a look and call you over when i need any assistance, thank you" Will work for everyone. You'll have time to look, they won't bother you and everyone's a winner.
Lets run through the preliminaries: that enable you to spend your valuable time at the show as profitably as possible:
1. Business cards: You'd be amazed how many people forget to take their business cards to a show (I've done it myself) and while its no sin, it just means that you have to spend ages writing down your details for everything you're interested in..... so save yourself some time, and take a stack of cards with you!
2. Wear comfortable shoes:
Yes, really this is worth writing. You will cover miles and miles of walkways, this is no fun at all, if you are wearing heels (ladies you know who you are!) or have uncomfortable shoes. Sacrifice vanity for sanity on this one please. Also, never, ever, ever wear new shoes to a trade show !
3. Layer up: Car parks are cold,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], exhibition halls are warm, or cold if you're under air conditioning units.... The best idea is to wear layered clothing so you can take off, or add on layers as necessary.
4. Drink lots of water: Stay hydrated, so you make good buying decisions.
And make time to eat when you get hungry. Carry snack bars with you to keep your sugar levels up, so you can stay focused.
5. Rest when you feel tired:
The lighting in exhibitions can be very yellowish, which makes your eyes strain, so take plenty of rest, otherwise its no fun at all. Try to build in a small treat for yourself somewhere in the day. A mini massage, a visit to a supplier you really like, a wicked lunch - anything that keeps it fun for you!
6. Gameplan: The halls at exhibitions can be massive, so having a rough gameplan will help you stay on track, and not have to run around in a panic that you'll miss something ! It goes without saying that some shows are bigger than others, some can be done in a day, some are simply too damn big - I'm thinking primarily of the NEC Spring and Autumn Fairs here - give yourself time - don't turn into a pressure cooker!
7. See the companies you really need to see first, so they're off your list and you can relax and enjoy the rest of the day not under pressure
8. Allocate some specific time to look for new products: After all you can see most of your present suppliers at any time, or they'll come and visit you, whereas its new product and suppliers you really need to search out at a show.
9. Have a show budget: Work out how much money you have to spend, how much you want to spend and keep a track of each order you've placed. Your accountant will love you for this. Remember to allocate some of your budget to new suppliers / new product - we all need new product in the shop to keep us enthusiastic !
10. Keep a note of how much you've spent and what delivery date you've asked for. Immediate, next week, or delayed. This will help you to organise your schedule when you get back to your shop.
11. Wheels: if you're going to be spending some time at a show, have a bad back, or plan on picking up a lot of literature (and there's usually lots on offer) then consider taking a small suitcase on wheels with you. These are comfortable, save your back and allow you to pack away anything you don't need, such as coats and scarves. How big? No bigger than aircraft cabin luggage,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]!
12. Seminars and talks: Visit as many of these as is practical. These are an excellent way to freshen your skills, meet other retailers in the same industry as yourselves and get new ideas. Make sure you leave yourself enough time to join these events.
13. Pre show planning: I've put this last so you're left with this idea fresh in your mind. Most trade magazines will be posted out between one or two weeks before a show. They'll have show previews in them, with lots of new product. They'll also have sections on new trends - make the time to study these magazines as well as doing your own research, so you'll be able to spend your time effectively at the show.
Finally,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], if you're coming a long way, or you need to stay a couple of days? Book a hotel room, make a night of it, and have some fun ! All work and no play makes for no fun!
For more hints and tips jump over to my website and subscribe for a wealth of FREE information...

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