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low jordan 512kmWhy Smoked Meats Are More Popular

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se incipient salts came in mammoth slabs from different salt mines and the quality varied as different salts contained different impurities (chemicals) inside. The real breakthrough came when we discovered that when salts containing nitrates were secondhand they imparted to meats not only a pink color, but also a bizarre flavor that was many in demand. That was the begining of "meat curing" and the same process namely employed bring an end to ...the earth today. This magical impurity was potassium nitrate [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], usually known for saltpeter [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the basic element of explosive which the Chinese invented thousands annuals ago. We have tried to exclude nitrates from our foods for hundreds of annuals but with all advances in calculators and science we are not able to come up with anything another that might be so forcible in preventing food poisoning also known as botulism. Our forefathers did not have the faintest mind almost food poisoning but they understood that cured and smoked meats tasted better and lasted longer.
In 1492 Columbus discovered USA yet smoking meats not took off there because the following reasons:
1. Traditional means of pork smoking relied aboard application cold smoke (fewer than 77o F, 35o C) apt pork for extended periods of period (from 2 days to even 3 weeks) what basically was drying flesh along removing humidity. This temperature puts severe restraints on the geographical area were smoking could be performed and in many portions of the nation it would be restricted to the night period in December, January and February. Today refrigerators are everywhere and about always edibles are smoked with a peppery smoke which provides smoky flavor but mini conservation qualities.
In maximum areas of the USA the climate was warmer than in Northern Europe and in the Western part of the country the livestock was grazing for most of the year. When cowboys were hungry they would slaughter a cow and grill steaks over the blaze. They looked with disdain at pigs, sheep or goats. In antique Europe people showed sentiment towards a cow, it produced breast which was then processed into butter [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], lotion or cheese and the animal was used to plow floor and move objects around. When it died it was burried. A pig was the animal to be eaten and it was and still is the best meat for smoking.
2. Pork meat was needed. A piglet was no a native beast in America and only in 1539, Hernando de Soto brought the first 13 pigs to Florida. Smoking meat became popular in the Eastern part of the country where slaves and needy people went on plantations. A pig was easy and inexpensive to grow, it ate anything and in six months was prepared for slaughter. Smoking meat and particularly making sausages were dependent on the truth whether pigs were approximately. This has changed merely when railroads were built and animals were shook between another areas of the country.
3. No absence to preserve meats in the USA. Except the short Civil War namely had taken area in the Eastern part of the country, the American soil never felt the presence of World Wars the path Europe did. Our losses did not liken to the 20 millions namely died in Russia alternatively 6 millions in Poland. There was nothing to reproduce, there was not deficit of food which was accessible all the time. Some Polish and German cities were completely devastated and 20% of the population was worked. There were not stores and no food left. One had to make his own foods in the summer in such a access namely they would be ready to eat in the winter. Curing and smoking meats were survival skills which were not so essential in the USA.
Most Americans would purchase fresh meats that would be roasted and grilled to be immediately wasted when still hot on the panel. As the smoked meats are eaten cold and at the after appointment it would not be logical to expect those people to change suddenly the customs they were following all their lives. About 30% of meats consumed in the USA are of the smoked variety and the hot dog is included in that number, though it gets so little smoke that it tin scarcely be considered a smoked sausage. For comparison

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