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All Pointe Shoes are not created equal - take into

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There are many points to consider when you buy your Pointe Shoes. It is essential to find the right shoe for dance, which provides the proper approach, support and comfort.
Dancing on the edge
Dancing shoes requires great strength and the years of training. To avoid injury, do not dance in shoes, try if you have not been properly trained in ballet. In addition, there is no need to buy slippers up received instruction by the teacher.
Shoes are not with elastic and sewn on the bands. In most cases, these items are sold separately. Before applying the elastic bands, let your teacher to check the adjustment of the shoe. A times the ribbons and elastic sewn in slippers may be returned.
Structure makes the difference
Slippers in several different parts, which are essential as the shoe fits. When you try to find the right shoe tip, we believe that these very important terms in your choice:
ortable: the front, in large part the shoes of punta
The table can be wide or tapered. A tilt table is close to the end of the shoe and gets more large, approaching cord. With a tapered box shoes are good for the decreases of dancers to the length of the big toe at the feet of the toes. Shoes with a more complete picture are interesting for the dancers, whose fingers are all the same length.
orVamp: the upper part of the shoe art, which is a continuation of the table of
UPPERS can be modelled as a "V" or "U". VAMPS "in the form of" V are generally longer, giving rise to a little additional support.
orHock: the "backbone" of the pointe shoe
the stemis the part of the shoe that should be "broken". The mother of the arc provides support in the shoe. Mangoes come in diferevant strengths: soft, medium or difficult. Pointe dancers more must obtain starting media handles or difficult to build the strength of its arches.
> orPlatform: flat final table which recorded in
orthroat: open space where the foot is part of the shoe
Find the ideal solution
Pointe shoes must have a precise measurement on foot, almost like a sock. For the correct approach, consider the following suggestions:
There are many brands of Pointe Shoes choice; all are different for the different types of feet. Do not buy a certain style of pointe shoes only because his friend. Try to find the style that is comfortable [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and identifies the foot better.
oThe side of shoes is generally different sizes of shoes of streets. Some brands of shoes to run smaller than Street shoes [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], while other brands of shoes from the main road.
oIf buy shoes online, most of the graphs in the size of the offers of Web sites to compare the size of the shoes of the art of the size of a shoe of the road.
oIf shoes for a purchase in the store, better to let the good employee foot, or indicate the size of your shoes to the employee.
permanent oWhen normally booties, fingers should arrive at the end of the shoe, but it must never duck, folded or superimposed. If your fingers, they crack or bent [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], try the next size. If the fingers overlap, try wider width or a shoe with a more complete picture.
OWhen recorded permanent, there must be only width or
inch pinch n in the heel of the boot.
oMake safe pou
r take the cables and the DrawString to shoe is so narrow that it can be. This will help keep the shoe to drop.More infomation:

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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