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Nike Air Force Ones General Hospital Weekly Recap,

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PostWysłany: Śro 10:11, 13 Kwi 2011    Temat postu: Nike Air Force Ones General Hospital Weekly Recap,

Johnny fills Ethan in on his meeting with Sonny. Michael reassures Sonny during their visit. Dante tells Lulu he’s concerned about Michael. Molly isn’t sold on Kristina’s plan with Johnny. Luke tries to smooth things over with Tracy but she’s not receptive. Elizabeth tells Steve she plans to ‘break the trust’ from Jason so she can invest in her future. Nikolas gives Helena a talking to about her recent behavior [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and then tells her to move out of Wyndemere. Maya tells Edward she can’t be his ‘shot at redemption.’ Dante shares his information on Franco with Claire. Molly advises Sonny to give Kristina ‘some time and space.’ Elizabeth tells Nikolas she’s ‘investing’ money so she can become ‘financially independent.’ Dante tells the judge about Michael’s assault in prison and asks him to reconsider the harsh sentence. Johnny plays along with Kristina when the two run into Sonny.
Monday June 14 [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], 2010
Here's what went down in Port Charles last week. As usual, it was another week of excitement and drama.
Dante has a heated conversation about Michael with the judge. Sonny doesn’t react well to seeing Kristina and Johnny holding hands. Lulu tells Carly about Carter’s death at Jason’s hands. Sonny thinks Johnny is ‘using’ Kristina to make him ‘suffer.’ Jason tells Michael to ‘focus’ on the life he’ll have after prison. Michael says his ‘place’ is in ‘the business’ with Sonny and Jason. Dante convinces the judge to release Michael with ‘restrictions.’ Kristina is happy with Johnny’s performance in front of Sonny. Johnny says he won’t play along again. Sonny tells Olivia he believes Johnny is sleeping with Kristina. Claire wants Jason to give her all the details he has on Franco. Jason promises to help Claire ‘put Franco away’ if she secures Michaels’ release. Sonny summons Alexis and tells her what he saw. Dante tells Lulu that Michael will be release
Skye tells Ethan that Luke and Tracy are on their way home. Kristina vents to Alexis about Sonny. The warden interrupts Dante’s visit with Jason to say Carter is dead. Carly plays it up against Brook in order to fool Lulu. Carly tries to convince Lulu that Dante isn’t such a great guy. Olivia asks Johnny to stay away from Sonny and let Dante ‘do his job.’ Skye enlists Jax to help her uncover Lorenzo’s money. Maya tells Ethan that Alice got orders to burn Luke’s belongings. Jason talks the warden out of putting him in solitary. Lisa spends some quality time with Steve. Michael lies to Dante and says Jason was with him when Carter died. Kristina tells Molly about her plan with Johnny. Carly invites Jax to dinner but he has plans with Skye. Michael tells Jason he needs to learn to ‘kill’ to protect himself.
Wednesday June 16, 2010
Carter tells Jason ‘Franco wants to play again,’ just before he dies. Michael sees Jason with Carter. Claire issues Sonny a warning not to kill Johnny. Kristina presses Johnny to pretend to be her boyfriend. Luke admits his Las Vegas wedding to Tracy was ‘a sham.’ Nikolas finds Tracy and Luke in Helena’s dungeon. Maxie’s latest crisis interrupts Dante and Lulu’s alone time. Carly notes to Patrick that Lisa clearly is interested in him. Dante thinks Franco is back to his old tricks. Sonny wonders if Claire plans on double-crossing him. Lucky comes upon Nikolas, Tracy, and Luke. Nikolas sends Tracy and Luke to safety in Athens. Sonny and Johnny have a heated meeting at the hotel in front of Olivia. Lucky locks Nikolas in the dungeon. Carly and Brook stage an argument so Lulu can hear them. Dante shows Jason the photo he got in the mail and says he’s certain Franco is up to no good.
Thursday June 17, 2010
Tuesday June 15 [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], 2010

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