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jordan 5 Garth Brooks Live at Encore Las Vegas, Mo

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For the next two hours he will mesmerize his audience with tales from his life that make the listener feel as if they have just popped over to his home on a Saturday evening and are sitting on the living room sofa enjoying a quiet evening with friends. Yes, friends. Because since this show is all about Garth, it is only natural that his wife [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Trisha Yearwood, a star in her own right, should shine right beside him on stage for a portion of the show. And, of course, there are always the "Friends in Low Places."
He wanders on stage in 501s and a baseball cap [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], just his acoustic guitar slug casually over his shoulder. The audience goes wild. They’ve waited a long time for this moment.
He apologizes for his appearance, claims he just arrived, he was delayed by his daughter’s soccer game. They won, he mentions, pretending to downplay his pride, but he is the quintessential proud papa.
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Garth Brooks Announces Return to Music
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When the nineties finally roll around, Garth is ready to give tonight’s audience what they have been clamoring for. And he doe
However, Garth only offers the audience these links to his star quality after he recalls what got him there to begin with. He weaves a tale of his life starting with his birth in 1962. From there he shares stories about his family – siblings, mother and most notably his father -- and the music that influenced him, taking listeners through each decade that eventually landed him where he is today. And the entire time he invites the audience to be part of the show, part of his life.
He asks everyone to indulge him and moves around the stage, does a sound check, even momentarily turns his back toward the audience and imitates Steve Wynn announcing the “slim” Garth Brooks. Later he jokes that he uses his guitar to hide his stomach. It’s all part of his charm.
Garth Entertains from the 60s to the 90s
In the sixties it was Haggard and Jones who his father loved. Each time he says their names he emphasizes it by crossing this forearms – first Haggard, then Jones perpendicular to that – like the crossroads of his life. All night long he tosses out other little personal witticisms, such as “as country as a biscuit” or POS to describe the kind of cars his family always drove. And when he wants to give something special emphasis he uses the palm of one hand to cross the tips of his fingers on the other while he says, “Nas-T.”
It’s Saturday night in Las Vegas and legendary country singer Garth Brooks is about to perform live at the Encore Las Vegas. But this isn’t the usual rip-roaring electric band Garth.
Garth, No Second Name Required
In the seventies and eighties he was influenced by performers like Cat Stevens, Bob Seeger, Don McLean, George Strait and, to his father’s chagrin [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], even Billy Joel and Freddie Mercury. And during the show he covers some of their songs. But one of the most influential performers in Garth’s life was James Taylor, when his mother introduced the family to the album “Sweet Baby James.” Even his die-hard country father, lover of Haggard and Jones, had to admit that this was someone with talent. After all, how can you not love a guy who sings “His horse and his cattle are his only companions.”
But this is a different Garth. Sure, he eventually gets to his classics such as "Friends," "The Thunder Rolls" and "The Dance." And when he does the audience joins in, which seems to put a very real smile on his face and a genuine “aw shucks” in his stance.

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