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Cheap Tiffany Jewelry8Flintstone vs Jetson - Which

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riend of mine, Larry Beacham, wrote a piece along a identical label a no many months behind and it was such a well done article and he made so many agreeable points in it namely I wanted apt review much of it another. So with his approval I am book this emulate up to his before article.
We are in the Information Age not the Stone Age! The techniques and approaches that were secondhand in the past no longer prop the power and effectiveness they once did in the eye of today's George Jetson Tiffany Sale, fast paced society.
The old school ways of chilly calling or molesting your friend and relatives who are not realy qualified does not actually work. However, the key thing here is that this is exactly what most networks marketing companies instruct you to do. This is how nearly all network marketer still do it. As Larry said it "Yet, millions of network marketers are stuck in the elapse Tiffany Rings, using Fred Flintstone techniques to try and lure the George Jetson prospect". This was a very remove information. Now does this average the old school techniques do not go. No it does not and it is how most networks marketers build their unions.
Todays tools tin make is much easier if you understand how. Today's purchaser has absent from patience and their life is much more fast paced and they are seeing for a better access. The most successful Internet network marketers today use modern technology and bring prospects to them instead of escaping later them.
There is contracts in the antique educate and fashionable school techniques that is illustrated with Fred and George.
FLINTSTONE: Uses things favor a prospect list or names list and doings like an amateur marketer phoning everyone they know to find a handful of people that may be interested in their business Cheap Tiffany Jewelry, or NOT.
JETSON: Attracts a very targeted menu of people to them using blogs, network sites and email.
CONTRAST: Understanding that people to business with people and not companies the marketer understands that he have to sell himself. The consumer is erection a repport with the marketer as the marketer sells himself. We are talking ATTRACTION MARKETING.
FLINTSTONE: Drives to assorted regional commerce opportunity meetings and invites their unqualified prospects to sit for an hour or more appointment to listen to message approximately the company, production and compensation intend only to find out that there was tiny or not amuse in the first place.
JETSON; Hosts webinars or teleconferences that are constantly pre-recorded to be listened to by pre-interested prospects.
CONTRAST: Recordings can be listened to or watched 24 hours a daytime 7 days a week while the prospect has the time to review the information in the comfort of their home or bureau. This allows the marketer to leverage their time and they only speak to the prospect after they have had time to review and absorb the information and there is a GENUINE INTEREST.
FLINTSTONE: Has a salesman's mentality and tries to convince or strong arm the prospect and their criticisms.
JETSON: Is and neutral thinker and consultant that provides value that the marketplace recognizes.
CONTRAST: The information that is shared provides value through teaching in a snug way that makes the prospect very interested.
FLINTSTONE: Has a short term point of outlook of the prospect. Get in now for forget about them.
JETSON: Have a long term reach to the prospect and uses education and automatic communication tools to reserve in touch with them for an amplified period of time.
CONTRAST: Understands that everyone has their own time and that they are in it as the long drag so right now namely less essential to the prospect. This may be a relationship that will take years to develop and for folk bring ... to an end seasons of their lives they may get involved.
FLINTSTONE: Uses pseudo rapport establishing tactics to entice prospects to engage them with the sole purpose of getting one assignation to pitch their opportunity.
JETSON: Builds a sincere rapport with their pre-inte

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